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This is a picture of a shark

Have you ever wondered what makes an electric eel “electric” or if other fish can feel all tingly, too? Click here to travel to a kingdom wilder that the dust bunnies under your bed!

This is a photo of a human brain
Human Body

Electricity isn’t only all around you – it’s actually inside you, too! Don’t panic…it’s not an alien life force. Click here for information on how your body needs and uses electricity.

This is a photo of a meteorologist.

What was the weather like FIVE YEARS ago today? Only the people who study weather could answer that question. Click here to find out how electricity helps the study of weather.

This is a photo of solar panels on a roof of a house.

Seeking sources of generating electricity that are best for the environment. Consumers help environment through wise use.

This is a picture of two kids playing a video game.
Power Generation

May the Force be with You! Heard that before? Click here to find out just what kind of “force” we’re talking about here in the Electric Universe.

This is a picture of a dam
Alternate Energy Sources

Learn about making energy using everything from wind to pig poop!